As the world celebrates Easter

As most of the world is celebrating Easter and the resurrection of their saviour, may we cast our minds to other saviours less well known but no less important this weekend.

Deities that have also been resurrected either in a literal or symbolic sense, include the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna and her counterpart Ishtar who was resurrected and ascended from the underworld.

Persephone was also resurrected after returning from Hades. She was doomed to spend the eternity in the underworld after being abducted, but was eventually released by Hermes. Continue reading

7 Steps To Spot A Fake Psychic.

It is the sad case that there are people in the world who are only interested in making money and fake psychics are one of these people.  If you are looking for a genuine psychic you need to know what to look out for:

1. Check if your psychic is listed in the Better Business Bureau

Any psychics listed here means watch out for that “psychic” It may even be a psychic company.

The Better Business Bureau doesn’t list all the companies but it is good to check it out. Continue reading

Using what I do not know to get past my limitations.

If I want to do something that I have not experienced and that I am not aware of presently – how can I do that? And, can I trust myself to get me there?

Every single thing I know till now comes from what I have experienced personally, or from what I have seen people experience either first hand or through books/TV/internet or any other medium. What I have not seen or heard of I do not know and it is not even a part of my thoughts. That is my limitation.

How do I experience anything that is beyond me? How do I get past my limitation? I cannot. I can only experience something that is in my reality. Example, scientists and yogis have both said that everything in this world is one energy. Continue reading