Simple Hanuman Mantra for Strength, Courage and Resistance


By Mark Fischer (Own work, Krabi Peab Muang Mara Barge)

Somebody asked for a powerful protection spell that would help with giving strength, courage and resistance.

There are many spells that come to mind that would serve the purpose, however I suggested that she might try a simple Hanuman Mantra. So I thought that I would let you see it, maybe you could use it sometime or maybe you know someone who could try it.

This is a very simple mantra, do not worry too much or get bogged down with the pronunciation of the mantra. Like all spell work, it is about intent and about purpose. Maybe the ceremonial magicians out there will disagree with this, and yes there is a point to argue on the fact of exact repetition and consistency, however for it is not expected or required for this or any mantra for that matter. I will add an anecdote later that hopefully will illustrate this point. Continue reading