23 July to 22 August 

Do you share the same traits as other well known people born under the sign of Leo;

Max Heindel, Karl G. Jung, Jacqueline Kennedy, Stanton Friedman, Benito Mussolini, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Barack Obama, Yassar Arafat, Mata Hari, Helena Blavatski, Fidel Castro, Annie Oakley, George Llewellyn, David Koresh, Roman Polanski, Menachem Begin, Davey Crockett and Coco Chanel,


Element                       Fire 

Planet                          Sun 

Symbol                         Lion 

Colour                          Gold 

Stone/Gem                   Ruby 

Metal                             Gold 

Nature                          Positive 

Lucky Day                    Sunday 

Lucky Numbers           9 and 8 

Flower                         Sunflower 

Herb                             Saffron 


The fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo is the sign of the lion and like this animal, Leos are majestic like and dominant in character. What comes with the dominance, is a loving and fun-time character that offers much affection thanks to their antics and their self-confidence.

One downside of the powerful character, Leos can also be seen as a little overbearing sometimes but through it all comes their love of life and this makes them really likeable. Love’em or hate’em they can make great leaders with the right soldiers supporting them.


Personal traits

With the dominant and majestic streak, no surprise that Leo’s like to think of themselves as born leaders. They take command and they love it! This almost courageous stance ensures others look up to the Lions and as such they love to entertain by being the centre of attention. So with a flair for the creative and their fun-loving attitudes they win many admirers. Just remember that they don’t like being upstaged, Leos are not good at being second best – to anyone!

The downside to all the pageantry is arrogance and even conceit if they feel people are not looking up to them. With an overbearing streak to always be top dog, their outgoing personality and their dominant persona, can seriously get under other star signs skin, but it is their arrogance and assumption that no one can match their position that seals it for many!







Personal relationships :

Strangely for someone so bombastic, Leos can be very open and sincere in their relationships. With their flair for the dramatic offering many spontaneous options they bring warm-heartedness and openness unless they feel let down. Unfortunately as they can sometimes not be a good judge of character (they missed that bit thanks to their dominancy) they can sometimes back the wrong horse – with some disastrous consequences.

With all the energy and drive, they love sex and are very attracted to partners – sometimes to the point at which they may stray from the monogamous relationship they so want.

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