7 Steps To Spot A Fake Psychic.

It is the sad case that there are people in the world who are only interested in making money and fake psychics are one of these people.  If you are looking for a genuine psychic you need to know what to look out for:

1. Check if your psychic is listed in the Better Business Bureau


Any psychics listed here means watch out for that “psychic” It may even be a psychic company.

The Better Business Bureau doesn’t list all the companies but it is good to check it out.

2. Your psychic says you are under a curse which can only be lifted with extra money that goes into their pocket.

This is a very common trick and a heartless one at that. Most people might just be unlucky, it probably isn’t a curse. If a real psychic identified a curse then they probably won’t want any money, they will just want to help.

3. Your psychic gives you exact dates and guarantees results

There are no guarantees with psychics so do not be attracted by someone telling you they can guarantee you a result. They can’t make someone fall in love with you and they can’t directly solve your problems so don’t believe they can!

4. Your psychic asks for sensitive information

Never give your details out to anyone. They are probably a fake.

6. You have a “bad feeling”

If your intuition is telling you something, even without evidence, listen to it. You might be tuning into your own instinct and realizing that this person is a fake! Stay clear; just to be on the safe side.

7. Your psychic is obviously cold reading you

A psychologist will tell you that by using leading questions and by cold reading, a psychic can slowly get information about you and convince you that they are psychic. For example, if they say, “I see a man in your present life” and the person’s eyes light up, they will know to focus on this specifically.

Cold reading and leading questions can be used by fake psychics who just want to get your money without actually being psychic.

By being cautious about fake psychics, you can find a genuine one who can actually use their skills and gifts to be able to give your life some insight. Good luck on your search for a psychic – they’re not all bad!

The author of this article writes for Wishing Moon, a reputable psychic reading company in the UK.


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