20 Jan – 19 Feb 


Element                       Air 

Planet                          Uranus 

Symbol                        Water Bearer 

Colour                           Turquoise

Stone/Gem                   Aquamarine 

Metal                            Aluminium 

Nature                          Positive 

Lucky Day                    Wednesday 

Lucky Numbers            7 and 1 

Flower                          Orchid 

Herbs                           Chilli 






The Aquarius is represented by the symbol of the water bearer and is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac that represents the future. With a strong and attractive personality, Aquarians actually fall into two distinct camps. One is the slightly sensitive and gentle one, the other the lively and enthusiastic Aquarian. Don’t expect them to follow the crowd, they do their own thing and think out the box.
Their personality attracts others and Aquarians by and large like the company of others and they have no problem making friends, even if they are the quieter Aquarians. But thanks to their independent streak – getting really close is a bit more difficult. Being creative and intelligent, they use time wisely to think about the future and make plans – meaning they sometimes excel at being leaders.


Personal traits

Independent, whacky, intelligent and creative – the Aquarius horoscope reads like an Ad agency creative in full flow. Thinkers and doers, they will try lots of new approaches to similar problems – often succeeding. They certainly don’t get bored. This combination, in the right areas, makes them perfect leaders – but for their sometimes unreasonable high standards. They also listen to idea s- but rarely act on them preferring their own way.

As for their loyalty – once you are a friend, then expect them to be able to help you whatever may come. As a sign of the Zodiac they are a humanitarian and will do everything to protect and support their friends. Thus, finding partners and friends is not a problem, especially if their friends are also very independent and so there is a little distance always there.

Looking at some of their weaknesses and not so good traits, their independence can be misconstrued as stubbornness or aloofness – fairly so! They are prone to being impatient, bullish, independent and therefore seemingly cold and impersonal. Just remember – they can be very very eccentric – all part of their charm.







Personal relationships :

So we know that Aquarians can pull a crowd and have a personality that embraces others and makes them very likeable and sought after as friends. Once they choose their real friendships, Aquarians often have an almost hypnotic effect on the other person – being loyal, making nothing seem to much effort and being ready to sacrifice things.

Unfortunately, they also have high expectations and can be emotionally let down by others that don’t come up to their inevitably high standards. Therefore, they sometimes demand unreasonable levels of commitment and emotional partnership. Stubbornness can then lead to anger and to an unforgiving streak when let down – rightly or wrongly – as some cannot succeed to expectations.

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