Aries – March 21st to April 20th.

The following is a list of people born under the sign of Aries. If you are of the same sign you may or may not see some common traits between yourself and some of the people listed bellow:

Johann Sebastian Bach, Washington Irving, Adolf Hitler, Rene Descartes, A Toscanini, Vincent Van Gogh, Marcel Marceau, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Princess Eugenie, Al Gore, Aretha Franklin, Quentin Tarantino, Hans C. Andersen, Marlon Brando, Doris Day, Francis Ford Coppola, Ram Dass, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Chaplin.


21 March and 20 April 

Element                        Fire

Planet                           Mars

Symbol                         Ram

Colour                          Red

Stone/Gem                   Diamond

Metal                            Copper

Nature                           Positive

Lucky Day                    Tuesday

Lucky Numbers             9 and 1

Flower                          Geranium

Herb                             Mustard

The zodiac sign of Aries denotes the spring equinox, and you are the first sign of the Zodiac. With new beginnings in mind, the Aries horoscope shows people that are ambitious and enthusiastic, sometimes a little impulsive, but always full of energy and nearly always generous. You like to think outside the box and you are open to new ideas in order to drive new projects or ideas that you have. You like challenges and you are not easily distracted unless your lose patience or concentration.

Personal traits

As the star sign of Aries you are responsible and like to lead. You usually treat others fairly, but do not like to be dictated to – tending to want to take control at the first opportunity.

You are concerned with your self image both from a positive and negative way. You can be self reliant and self centred, self controlling and self motivated to better yourself. You have unbounded energy that channels through your headstrong and relentless drive to become a better person.




Personal relationships :

Having been described as direct with the inference being that you have may have a candid streak, you are an enthusiastic energy-abound friend. You may have a high sex drive and be a very passionate lover who likes to dominate.

Because you are impatient you may easily tire of partners or close friends and show irritation by being less than sensitive to their needs. Your drive and impatience could mean you are promiscuous in the early days until you have found the right partner. Arians are usually devoted to their children and you are probably the most loving parent of all the zodiac signs

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