22 June and the 22 July

We have listed below many famous people who share the same birth sign as yourself. Can you see yourself reflected in some of the personalities listed below:

Princess Diana, Clarence Thomas, Thurgood Marshall, Calvin Coolidge, Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, Dalai Lama XIV, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, Gerald Ford, Leggs Diamond, John Glenn and Cat Stevens.

22 June and the 22 July 



Element                                   Water 

Planet                          Moon 

Symbol                                    Crab 

Colour                          Grey/Green 

Stone/Gem                   Pearl 

Metal                            Silver 

Nature                          Negative 

Lucky Day                    Monday 

Lucky Numbers                        7 and 3 

Flower                          White Roses 

Herbs                           Tarragon 




The fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer is the sign of the crab. Prone to sudden changes in mood, Cancerians can go from an easy going and patient person one minute to completely irritable, unreasonable and downright awkward the next. Let’s just say unpredictability is a common feature.

Appropriately for Cancer, they are great at hiding in their shells sometimes, yet can be very sympathetic and affectionate to others. Deep down they are emotional and sensitive they just need lots of attention. Win a Cancerians trust and anything others say about will go largely unheard.


Personal traits

As the Star Sign of Cancer, you are known for being placid one minute and animated the next – they need attention and love and in return you will get loyalty. Cancerians seek out relationships as they know they are happiest when in love and with a long term partner. Their persona is not always apparent to outsiders and as their manner is not a direct one, it sometimes confuses. Cancerians are usually very intuitive and this is why they are difficult to outwit – they see the changes in people’s behaviour easily and are able to tune into people’s ulterior motives as a consequence.

So although Cancerians may be sensitive and unpredictable and seem hard to crack through their exterior, they are very in tune with others and offer undying support and loyalty once you have won their trust – perfect!







Personal relationships :

As discussed they have a hard as nails exterior persona, and Cancerians mentally are a blend of toughness and softness with a romantic air with the right partner. In love this manifests itself as undying loyalty to both their partner and their family. Both Cancerian men and women give much in love and do not expect in return

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