Kundalini – Awakening The Snake

Kundalini stems from yogic philosophy which is an indwelling spiritual energy that when awakened will purify the subtle body and ultimately bestow the state of Yoga. In Hindu Mythology, this energy appears in the form of a snake that lies coiled at the base of our spine, hence the name Kundalini which is Sanskrit for “coiled”. It is referred to as the Sacred Fire or Coiled Serpent, which is represented as a goddess or sleeping serpent and is a dormant force waiting to be awakened. Kundalini Yoga is a style of Yoga that aims to awaken this energy and send the snake moving up your spine all the way to your brain, to reside with the Sahasrara Chakra, resulting to infinite bliss and sublime happiness. Kundalini – Awakening the Snake causes awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Kundalini Yoga was introduced by Yogi Bhajan to the West in 1969. This includes Yoga poses or deep meditation which are spiritual practices that can awaken the Kundalini. To understand the movement of Kundalini better, you must familiarize yourself and have adequate knowledge of the nervous system, the spinal cord in particular because the Seven Chakras are believed to be found here. The Seven Chakras are comprised of the heart, throat, pineal gland, pituitary gland, basic survival instincts, ego, and sexuality. Continue reading

Cleansing The Chakra System Naturally



Your chakras are basically where your energy centers are, and they can help open up energy to flow in and out of your aura. Chakras help vitalize the body to help bring self consciousness. They are connected to your physical, mental, and emotional self. You could try to think of the chakra as a power center for life energy. These sources of energy are very sensitive, so any form of stress or pain can cause your chakras to not be as aligned.



The Importance of a Balanced And Cleansed Chakra System

With a balanced chakra system, you align your body to experience healing and full awareness of the world around you. Your 7 chakras when working harmoniously together can help uplift your energy and body. It is not uncommon to feel mental and emotional difficulties along with low self esteem if your chakras are not properly aligned. With a Continue reading

Why Meditation Is Great For the Brain

MantrikRegular meditation has a lot of benefits that can help the brain. It is able to calm a restless mind and could help spare people from the adverse effects of stress and anxiety. Meditation is a great way to find the inner peace and improves the ability of the brain to concentrate and focus. A great mind makes fewer mistakes and is able to make better decisions and judgments. This translates to better interpersonal relationships, better work productivity and even becoming at peace with the universe. If you are thinking about getting into meditation, here are some of the great reasons why you should start soon enough.

Meditation is great for stress

Most of the stress that people are suffering comes from the mind of someone who is thinking a lot which causes a lot of worries. When our expectations fall below the bar, then we feel much fear and become a lot more anxious about the uncertainties in life. Continue reading

How Yoga Benefits Anxiety Sufferers

MantrikYoga is beneficial in many ways. One of the benefits of practicing Yoga is to lower anxiety. It can be an effective way of managing anxiety disorders and control the symptoms. Regular Yoga is known to restore the balance in the mind and body. In fact Yoga gives the same benefit of exercise to combat panic disorders. Not only that, Yoga offers deep relaxation and overall well-being.


What is Yoga all about?

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word that means “unite”. Yoga combines the techniques that give relief to the mind, body and soul. The yogi practices meditation, relaxation and movements in order to restore balance in one’s own body. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in India.  Yoga can help you calm your mind through relaxation. Continue reading

Using what I do not know to get past my limitations.

If I want to do something that I have not experienced and that I am not aware of presently – how can I do that? And, can I trust myself to get me there?

Every single thing I know till now comes from what I have experienced personally, or from what I have seen people experience either first hand or through books/TV/internet or any other medium. What I have not seen or heard of I do not know and it is not even a part of my thoughts. That is my limitation.

How do I experience anything that is beyond me? How do I get past my limitation? I cannot. I can only experience something that is in my reality. Example, scientists and yogis have both said that everything in this world is one energy. Continue reading