The power of Mantra

mantrik.comMantra is a unique form of therapy which involves repeating a short phrase again and again with the aim of invoking certain qualities like peace, light or joy. These phrases are chanted out aloud or internally to ones inner self, and are normally associated with Buddhist figures whose qualities are cultivated by the reverberation of the relevant mantra. The phrase ‘Mantra’, has its origins in Sanskrit where ‘man’ stands for mind and ‘tra’ stands for instrument, the word ‘tra’ can also refer to an English name ‘free’. ( I personally see the ‘Man’ being taken from manana which means to think deeply and the ‘tra’ from Trana meaning deliverance – Mantrik )

Thus mantras are techniques that can help people free their mind from thoughts that may be disturbing them or upsetting their balance.

The origin of Mantra therapy.

The origin of mantra mediation dates back to the Vedic period and tradition, which came before Buddha, where mantras were used as a tool for entering into states of consciousness. Throughout history, cultures across the world have believed that uttering Continue reading

Kubera Mantra For Wealth – A Complete Guide


By Zereshk

Life can be made a little easier if we have the money and finances to allow us to concentrate and channel our energies on other things. Even if we consider ourselves to be financially stable, events that are beyond our control can often have a unavoidable devastating effect that can lead to crises and hardship.

Every human being strives hard to prosper in life, and for that, wealth and blessings are extremely indispensable. To achieve this, one has to worship the leader of the Treasure house, Lord Kubera.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Kubera is regarded as the Lord of wealth. As the superior guardian of wealth and treasurer of he Gods, it is His chief responsibility to distribute wealth among people. He is also known as the Lord of Continue reading

The wonders of an Ayurvedic massage

Mantrik.comToday’s lifestyle involves a great amount of stress. We get so busy working towards our professional goals and coping with the demands of personal lives, that we are hardly able to find time for ourselves. If we don’t take some time off from this daily hustle and relax, stress keeps on building and can eventually develop into some kind of physical disease or mental disorder. But our busy schedule just won’t allow us to do it! Talking to oneself and spending quality time with friends and family are both very important if you want to live a happy and healthy life. Is there no way that will enable us to relax our mind and body, de-stress and connect with ourselves to become a healthier and happier person? The best time-saving and cost-effective solution to the problem is an Ayurvedic massage. It not only relieves you of stress and enables your mind and body to relax, there are many other benefits it imparts. Continue reading

Simple Hanuman Mantra for Strength, Courage and Resistance


By Mark Fischer (Own work, Krabi Peab Muang Mara Barge)

Somebody asked for a powerful protection spell that would help with giving strength, courage and resistance.

There are many spells that come to mind that would serve the purpose, however I suggested that she might try a simple Hanuman Mantra. So I thought that I would let you see it, maybe you could use it sometime or maybe you know someone who could try it.

This is a very simple mantra, do not worry too much or get bogged down with the pronunciation of the mantra. Like all spell work, it is about intent and about purpose. Maybe the ceremonial magicians out there will disagree with this, and yes there is a point to argue on the fact of exact repetition and consistency, however for it is not expected or required for this or any mantra for that matter. I will add an anecdote later that hopefully will illustrate this point. Continue reading

Our vision of Dragons

MantrikSt David’s day is upon us and so our minds quite rightly are filled with images of leeks and daffodils and more importantly with Dragons.

The mystical and majestic image of a beautiful dragon, a greater site you could ever imagine. I am sure that all our dragons look different to each of us, even if they do share some similarities with each other. I am also sure that our dragons symbolise different things to each and every one of us.

Dragons can represent the primal forces in nature, the elements and the universe itself, they are known to see the bigger picture in things and to see danger long before it arrives. Dragons can be both creators and destroyers of life, and will breathe out fire, ice or poison depending on any particular myth. Continue reading