Folk Name:       Herb of Gladness 

Gender:            masculine plant 

Planet              Jupiter 

Element           Air 


Magical properties:

Borage enhances psychic powers and also is a Herb of Protection and Courage 


Medicinal Properties: 

The traditional use of ‘Borage for Courage’ suggests that it has a supportive effect on the adrenal glands. It has since been confirmed that the plant encourages the production of adrenaline which helps the body cope with stressful situations, as well as possibly acting as a restorative agent on the adrenal cortex.  An infusion of the leaves and flowers can be taken as a tonic after stressful situations or for mental exhaustion and depression. Clinical trials have shown that borage seed oil reduces cardiovascular reactivity to stress by reducing the systolic blood pressure and heart rate and by increased task performance. A hormonal effect is indicated by a traditional belief that the leaves and seeds of the plant can increase the milk supply of nursing mothers; it is also said to improve mood in menopausal depression. Borago helps prevent inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa in cases of allergy and infection, and it may also assist in iron absorption. It can be used externally as a compress or poultice for inflammation, or as an eyewash to relieve irritation.

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