22 Dec – 19 Jan 


Element                       Earth 

Planet                          Saturn 

Symbol                        Goat 

Colour                          Brown/Black 

Stone/Gem                   Amethyst 

Metal                            Silver 

Nature                          Negative 

Lucky day                    Saturday 

Lucky Numbers            8 and 2 

Flower                          Ivy 

Herb                             Comfrey 



Capricorn is represented by the goat. Probably the most stable of signs, their seriousness sometimes actually masks their ambition and drive – whether that’s in personal life or in their careers. The Capricorn horoscope shows an independence to be present as well as a confidence and calmness that can see them work through problems.

Despite all their drive and aspirations, Capricorns are also very grounded, patient and practical. With regards to making final decisions, whilst they may seem a little cautious, they are simply weighing up all the options in order to make sure they invest their time and skills wisely.


Personal traits

In the Capricorn horoscope we can see the traits of ambition, independence and discipline and this drive, on the whole, serves them well. Having faith in your own abilities makes them quite self-sufficient and on the outside maybe a little aloof or cold. A downside of the ambition can be the blinkered view that money and power bring and therefore they often marry for these reasons – which actually is more about surety in life given their continuing ambition.

Capricorns are seen as the loners of the Zodiac due to their goals and their drive in achieving them. They can be known to make everyone, including family, friends and loved ones, feel a little left out in the cold whilst they pursue their goals. This weakness underlies their reputation as the loner.







Personal relationships :

You may have read that Capricorns are sometimes considered loners – especially in relation to other signs of the Zodiac. This is where their success sometimes clouds their personal life with detriment to relationships. Capricorns can often be uncomfortable with their relationships, and thanks to their cautiousness, put off potential partners when actually they could be a good match.

Having said all of that, they are very loyal friends once the friendship has been cemented. So cross a Capricorn and you may see a wholly different personality – one with venom and bitterness. With a degree of hesitance, Capricorns can make great partners and although sometimes a little jealous, they often marry for life and offer complete support for their partners.

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