21 May and 21 June

Fellow famous Geminis are listed below, perhaps you can find something in common with them:

Paul Gauguin, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Weissmuller, Grant Lewi, Sandra Bernhard, Johnny Depp, Dennis Weaver, Cole Porter, Jacques-Yves Costeau, Gene Wilder,   Basil Rathbone, Errol Flynn, Nichole Kidman, Jane Russell, Barry Manilow, Jim Belushi, Donald Trump and  Ally Sheedy.

21 May and 21 June 


Element                        Air

PLANET                        Mercury

Symbol                         The Twins

Colour                          Yellow

Stone/Gem                   Agate

Metal                            Mercury

Nature                           Positive

Lucky Day                    Wednesday

Lucky Numbers             9 and 5

Flower                          Lavender

Herb                             Marjoram



The third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini is the sign of the twins. The Gemini’s personality is dual-natured and has complex characteristics that are classically contradictory – see the relationship section in particular.

The Gemini sign is linked with the planet Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth. Geminians don’t disappoint and can be lively and happy when everything is right, or dark and restless when not. Typically there can be application or attention to detail issues, and changing your mind half way through an event is not uncommon.


Personal traits

As the star sign of Gemini, you have a contradictory nature and this enables you to adapt well to new surroundings and settings. Likewise you tend to make friends easily and thanks to your impulsive nature you can easily be the life of any party. But put on the spot, Gemini’s can find it easier to sit on the proverbial fence as they see both sides of any situation. With a natural curiosity streak, and your good communication skills you can end up getting in some sticky situations.

Describe by some as a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, other Geminians will recognise that lively and exciting streak also belies impatience when others do not keep up your pace of thought.







Personal relationships :

Thanks to their contradictory nature, Geminians can be very fickle in love. So think on one hand they can be emotionally deeply in love, yet on the other hand are stand offish and keen to look in on a relationship and analyze. Time plays a hand here, from the deeply committed initially through to a potentially light-hearted and cool relationship taking shape the longer it goes on.

Geminians like intrigue and definitely like the thrill of the chase. But as per above, they can then lose interest. So, wonderful friends and mates with never a dull moment, but in a relationship or as lovers watch their fickle nature and loss of interest as time goes on.

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