23 Sept – 22 Oct 


Element                       Air 

Planet                          Venus 

Symbol                        Scales 

Colour                          Blue 

Stone/Gem                  Sapphire 

Metal                            Copper 

Nature                          Positive 

Lucky day                    Friday 

Lucky Numbers          9 and 6 

Flower                          Rose 

Herb                             Mint 


As the seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra is represented not by an animal or human but by the Scales. Naturally this infers a degree of balance, equality and order to be at the core of a Libran’s personality.

Alongside their balanced nature, our Libra horoscope shows that they also have great listening and observation skills. In being so good at listening and understanding, Libran’s can be seen as indecisive. Using their charm and likeability – they can also flirt outrageously to get what they want from you.



Personal traits

The Zodiac sign of Libra is ruled by the goddess of love – Venus. So they see beauty – in everything! This love of beauty and their love of fine things in general makes them perfect candidates for designers or artists. They also possess charm and sensitivity in oodles. So being the balanced individual they are they can stand back and consider things with impartiality. However Librans are not a walkover and will not tolerate argument from people challenging their opinions.

Librans do not like vulgarity or thuggish ness as they are themselves naturally gentle and caring. Librans value beauty – so outward beauty may be their downfall sometimes as they rush into relationships or get lured into doing things on face values rather than looking deeper into someone’s character.

Libran’s have a natural affinity to make the peace, and often end up mediating in arguments in order to restore a common ground and create peace. Criticise a Libran and you will know about it. They do not take this well and therefore you may see an in security under close scrutiny. Hogging the limelight is not their passion, but a bit of being the centre of it all is always there and therefore if you see only this part of their personality you may misconstrue as being very self-centred.







Personal relationships :

Great partners, Librans show good understanding of their partner’s views and are good at compromise. Librans like the opposite sex letting it get to promiscuity on occasions. They listen, they understand and they show care and love.

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