20 Feb – 20 March 


Element                       Water 

Planet                          Neptune 

Symbol                        Fish 

Colour                          Green 

Stone/Gem                   Moonstone 

Metal                            Platinum 

Nature                          Negative 

Lucky Day                    Friday 

Lucky Numbers            6 and 2 

Flower                          Water Lily 

Herb                             Chicory 



Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and is symbolised (unsurprisingly) by the fish. It is the sign of rebirth and regeneration and as a result, Pisceans are believed to be more in touch with the spiritual world than any other sign. It is therefore appropriate that they spend much time on their own spiritual journeys following their beliefs.

The Pisces horoscope shows them to be intuitive, sensitive and willing to believe in the unnatural (they are great with ‘hunches’ and ‘gut feelings’ about people and events), although they can be heavily influenced by their surroundings. Empathy for others and their easy gong nature makes them very likeable people.


Personal traits

As a lover of dreaming, the Pisces horoscope is unsurprisingly dominated a bit by creativeness, imagination and fantasy. If let loose – their imaginations can run wild and as Pisceans tend to lead from their emotions. all rationale can disappear out the window.

Their dreamy exterior and creativeness also flows through to their friendships and compassion to others. Using their intuitive trait, they often know how to deal with others and this creates unique bonds. However, this can sometimes be abused by some and whilst they think they are building trust, their caring nature is being taken advantage of.

This naive streak opens Pisceans to depression and disillusionment with others and Pisceans then start questioning their own nature and being. This leads to confusion and anger and mistrust of all – sometimes unfairly so.




Easily fooled


Personal relationships :

Their sensitive side and they compassion makes them a prime catch. Not being a taker, they always give more to their partners than they ever receive. Most Pisceans would ideally like to have a relationship and a partner in tune with their desires and creative flair. The one worrying area for Pisceans is their trusting others who will abuse that trust and take in a relationship.

In marriage Pisceans, provided they find like-minded people rather than takers, show loyalty, respect and faithfulness. They are great fun, easy to be worth and are always (well nearly) cup half full people.

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