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Psychic Readers are those who are gifted with extra sensory perception (ESP), which makes them able to read or sense things in a most extraordinary way. Physic Readers are equipped with various abilities which make them special. These abilities are; Clairvoyance; the capability to see visions and describe accordingly, and Clairaudience; the capability to hear information from any source that can be considered paranormal. During this process a physic reader targets and tunes into you and those who might be closest to you. By doing this it allows them to understand what is happening around you and to help you accordingly.

Tarot reading also follows this same concept; tarot readers can offer a better perspective of the problematic situation faced by a client. The client or person seeking help is asked to pick up a few cards for each question and the tarot reader then provides insight about the situation. They interpret the whole picture laid by the combination of the cards and provide any possible information and guidelines that would help the client in avoiding or dealing with what the future has in store for them.

How to become a psychic reader?

Having mentioned some of the special abilities involved that is half the job done; however psychic reading is not just about those abilities and paranormal factors. It is also about knowledge and a specific skill set.Readingtarot card requires skills and knowledge, playing cards, runes, and crystals help to increase focus power and the ability to deal with the problematic situations. The best part here is that you can enhance those special skills through various physic courses, tarot classes, astrology classes etc.

Being a psychic reader you can apply for jobs online, however it is not very easy and can prove to be very challenging work. You will obviously have to prove that your special psychic powers are worthy and not only that, you will also have to prove that you will be able to use those powers in order to help others deal with their problems and this is where the ‘skill set’ comes in to play. You can set up your own place and freelance. However, advertising your work and reaching the customers can be pretty hard and time consuming and that is why it is comparably easier to get a job with a reputed company. The general concept here is by joining a company’s psychic telephone network where you can provide help to the clients through phone or other medium such as Skype or even via email. You can also join various psychic companies where the whole process is done through webcam and headphones following an interpersonal communication process, they will take care of the whole advertising process and getting the clients.

Finding the right companies to work for.

Another important factor to consider here is finding a legit company to work for. The best option here is to go offline and start looking at the newspapers or magazines for work. What are you actually looking for here? You will want to track down companies that advertise in a quality manner and that have free call or a free phone facility. It will be wise to avoid any companies with premium numbers only, even though there is nothing wrong with premium numbers, reputed companies with free call facility often get more clients.

If you are going to work for an online company, make sure to do your homework before joining. Look for reviews about the website, make sure you learn to identify any fake review patterns and also make sure that the company is well known.

You can look through various online directories for psychic reader’s job, these kinds of job directories tend to bring together all the job opportunities under one roof. Work At Home Mom in short (wahm), is one such online directory where you can look for such jobs if interested. Simply Google wahm and you are good to go.


The companies hiring for telephone psychic jobs pay out normally on a per minute basis, so the amount you earn actually depends on for how long the reading continues on the telephone. Online companies prefer to do their payment through various renowned payment gateways like PayPal. They also take care of the billing process and any other hassle and pay you a nice pre-negotiated amount on a monthly basis.

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