Readable ebooks, no need to download

Here you will find some Free readable ebooks, these ebooks are in pdf format just click on the image or the book title to start reading right away, no need to download anything as long as you have a pdf reader on your device.

All these readable books are PUBLIC DOMAIN versions of the books, however if you believe that there is still a copyright issue with any title please let me know. It is not my intention to infringe on copyright law, but only to allow people access to knowledge whenever possible.



The Gardnerian Book Of Shadows

The Art and Meaning of Magic

Liber Kaos

Celtic Fairy Tales

Liber LXXVII OZ Aleister Crowley

The Equinox Aleister Crowley

Aspects Of Tantra – Phil Hine

Sigils in Theory and Practice – Frater FP

The Satanic Rituals – Anton LaVey

Control of the Astral Body – Aleister Crowley

Edward Kelley – The Angelic Alphabet

The Book Of The Old Spirits -Grimoirium Imperium – John Dee



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