23 Oct – 22 Nov 


Element                       Water 

Planet                          Pluto 

Symbol                        Scorpion 

Colour                          Dark Red/ Maroon 

Stone/Gem                   Opal 

Metal                            Iron 

Nature                          Negative 

Lucky Day                    Tuesday 

Lucky Numbers            4 and 2 

Flower                          Honeysuckle 

Herb                             Witch Hazel 


Scorpio is represented by the scorpion – a contradicting sign to beat all others. The most intense and powerful characters in the zodiac, even when there is an appearance of self-control and an air of calm, often they hide their emotions beneath the placid exterior.

So the star sign of Scorpio can offer mystery and intrigue alongside an intuitive and adaptable persona. Just remember that most Scorpios have long memories and are strong willed and very determined. Cross them at your peril as they can be your best friend or your worst enemy! 


Personal traits

As highlighted above, Scorpios are generally a force to be reckoned with thanks to their intuitive minds and intensity of character. Add into the mix an out and out stubbornness and you’ll find a true competitor in many cases – particularly if there is a battle for love. Scorpios adaptability and quick mind can help them in competition so again a star sign to watch out for in many situations.

With an abundance of energy, Scorpios can be good at harnessing this for constructive purposes and by tempering self-confidence and using their shrewd and intuitive nature they can win over key doubters. It has been known for a streak of vindictiveness to enter the affray when wronged – so careful how you cross a Scorpio. In their relentless pursuit of what they want, they do not suffer fools and are unforgiving of faults in others even friends, but as a friend Scorpios can be very good to have on side. 







Personal relationships :

Without a doubt, the star sign of sex is Scorpio. As passionate lovers or rampant sex participants, they are the most sensually energetic of all star signs of the Zodiac. With an inner desire to lose themselves, Scorpios can here see that a union is greater than an individual. It has been seen that the ‘star crossed lover’ entity usually will involve the male or female being a Scorpio – and whether this is passionate or perverted, it is a trait that you should be fully aware of.

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