Simple Hanuman Mantra for Strength, Courage and Resistance


By Mark Fischer (Own work, Krabi Peab Muang Mara Barge)

Somebody asked for a powerful protection spell that would help with giving strength, courage and resistance.

There are many spells that come to mind that would serve the purpose, however I suggested that she might try a simple Hanuman Mantra. So I thought that I would let you see it, maybe you could use it sometime or maybe you know someone who could try it.


This is a very simple mantra, do not worry too much or get bogged down with the pronunciation of the mantra. Like all spell work, it is about intent and about purpose. Maybe the ceremonial magicians out there will disagree with this, and yes there is a point to argue on the fact of exact repetition and consistency, however for it is not expected or required for this or any mantra for that matter. I will add an anecdote later that hopefully will illustrate this point.

So lets look at the mantra itself:

This particular mantra should be spoken in the morning preferably after washing. It can be said aloud, chanted or recited silently to yourself.

When conducting this mantra try to take up your normal meditation pose, alternatively you can just sit in a quite place. When reciting the mantra, you can focus on a picture or Yantra of Lord Hanuman. If you do not have a picture or Yantra, then just close your eyes and imagine an image of Lord Hanuman.

(If you are really struggling and are of a certain age, then you can picture ‘Monkey’ from the 70’s TV series. This is actually Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, Great Sage, Equal of Heaven. Hanuman is thought by many to be an inspiration for Sun Wukong.)

This mantra requires 1 Japa. Or plainly put, you need to recite this mantra 108 times in succession. Normally you would use Hindu Mala beads in order to keep count, but again you can use Buddhist beads or Rosary beads for this seeing as they all have 108 beads.

So what do you need to recite? Simples, as the meerkat says, once ready comfortable, recite the following 108 times:


‘Om Hanumate Namah’

This mantra will give you the strength and courage to face anything over time. There are many more mantras, and quite a few mantras for Hanuman, but this is the simplest one with the fewest recitals required so is a good starting place for anyone.

As I mentioned before, try not to get hung up on pronunciation. Intent and purpose outweigh all else.


Anecdote: intent over pronunciation:


A monk visited a hermit, who lived alone on an island doing retreat. The hermit had given himself three years to complete chanting ten million of the powerful six-syllable mantra of the Compassionate Buddha. The hermit had been told that attaining this level of practice would awaken his yogic powers. The mantra was “OM MANI PADME HUM”.

The monk listened as the hermit did his mantra and, with the best intention in the world, leaned over to him and whispered:

“I think you have got the pronunciation wrong. This mantra should be chanted this way…” and he proceeded to demonstrate. The hermit listened attentively and then watched as the monk walked back to his boat to leave the island.

Ten minutes later when the boat was halfway across the river the monk heard his name being called, and looking around, he spied the hermit and heard him call:

“Listen to this, have I got it right now?” and the hermit proceeded to chant the same mantra but with the monk’s intonation. Astounded, the monk turned around and saw the hermit walking on the water next to his boat. In that instant he realized that the hermit’s faith and sincerity had given his mantra recitation far more power than he had realized.

As you will see, the story states that what really counts more is the faith and sincerity in reciting the mantra. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive hard to do our best to recite them properly, but let’s not agonize about it. If you have faith and sincerity then it’s simply impossible for it not to work!


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