Taurus – April 21st to May 20th

If you are a Taurean, then you share your star sign with the following people:

Duke of Wellington, Catherine the Great, Oliver Cromwell, Karl Marx, Orson Wells, Rudolph Valentino, Harry S. Truman, Sigmund Freud, Eva Perone, Bing Crosby, Maximil Robespierre, Karl Kraft, Czar Nicholas II, Gary Cooper, Malcolm X,        Pierre.T. De Chardin, Sugar Ray Robinson.



21 April and 20 May


Element                        Earth

Planet                           Venus

Symbol                         Bull

Colour                          Mauve

Stone/Gem                   Emerald

Metal                            Copper

Nature                           Negative

Lucky Day                    Friday

Lucky Numbers             6 and 4

Flower                          Poppy

Herb                             Sorrel


The zodiac sign of Taurus is represented by the mighty Bull. Taureans are characterised by practicality, determination and a strength of will that no other sign can match. Taureans are well grounded and balanced citizens and they love peace. The bull is the Taurus ruling animal and this backs up your strength and determination perfectly.

In general you have a good handle on material values and you respect the need for security. With an obstinate streak that could lead you to be a bit of a bore, you have much going for you.


Personal traits

Taurus individuals are faithful and generous friends and generally they are even tempered and good natured too. Whilst they dislike quarrelling and arguments, if provoked Taureans can show their true bull side by bursting into a fit of anger having soaked up lots of pressure.

Tareans love the finer stuff and revel in comfort and luxury given half a chance. Taureans are good, hardworking individuals and are team players provided the leader is strong in character. With a reliable and practical ethic, when given trust and responsibility Taureans can excel.







Personal relationships :

Based on your personal traits, you are a loving and fairly straight-forward partner – although that possessive streak can sometimes raise it’s ugly head. Taureans are largely amorous and although sexually a little self-conscious are fairly no nonsense and straight forward.

Making faithful and loving partners Taureans are thoughtful and whilst they can be a little possessive, thanks to the determined streak will ensure protection and a loving relationship. Taureans are the closest sign to Earth (your element) and this is behind the stability you look for.

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