The Angelic Alphabet – Edward Kelley

The Enochian, Angelic or Adamical alphabet as drawn by Edward Kelley on the 6th of May 1583, at the end of the Loagaeth (in MS. Sloane 3189 note that this is not the same as Dee copy of the alphabet in MS. Sloane 3188, which is slightly different). Dees diary entry contains this note: “But it is to be noted that when E.K. could not aptly imitate the form of the characters or letters as they were shewed, that then they appeared drawn on his paper with a light yellow colour, which he drew the black upon and so the yellow colour disappearing, there remained only the shape of the letter in black…”

Regarding the letters themselves, Dee notes in a conversation with the angel (28th April 1583): Dee: And first I think that those letters of our Adamical alphabet have a due peculiar unchangeable proportion of their forms, and likewise that their order is also mystical. These letters represent the creation of man, and therefore they must be in proportion. They represent the workmanship wherewithal the soul of man was made like unto his creator.





Edward Kelley – The Angelic Alphabet

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