Using what I do not know to get past my limitations.

If I want to do something that I have not experienced and that I am not aware of presently – how can I do that? And, can I trust myself to get me there?

Every single thing I know till now comes from what I have experienced personally, or from what I have seen people experience either first hand or through books/TV/internet or any other medium. What I have not seen or heard of I do not know and it is not even a part of my thoughts. That is my limitation.


How do I experience anything that is beyond me? How do I get past my limitation? I cannot. I can only experience something that is in my reality. Example, scientists and yogis have both said that everything in this world is one energy. Yet, I cannot actually see everything in this world as one – as one energy. Yes, I do know from books that everything is one energy – I have that knowledge. But it is something that I have not experienced personally, and hence it is not in my reality. It makes logical sense because of the books I have read, but it also sounds a little crazy, as it is not in my experience now. How can I get to a stage where I can see all as one? To get from where I am presently, to where I want to be, there is no logical path I can follow, as it is not even in my reality now, and hence I cannot make a path. With my mind I can never build a path to reach there. It is beyond me. It is not reachable. Trying to get there with my mind, with what I know is impossible.

If I have to get there, I have to do it without my mind. My limitations are only in reference to my mind, to what I have learnt in the past, to what I have experienced. I can only reach where I want to be through what I don’t know. And what I don’t know is never going to be a part of my mind. It will never be a part of my reality – instead it will always be something, which I don’t know. Therefore to be limitless, to grow, I have to stop seeking through my mind. Totally. I have to bypass my mind, bypass what I think I know. Do not waste any more time thinking about things that are not in my reality yet. It is just illusions, drama – which does not get me closer to what I don’t know. It tries to explain, to make sense. But how can it truly explain something, which it has not even experienced yet? Isn’t that insane?

My mind is a powerful tool. It can evolve, and reach things I do not know today. But it cannot be the engine of the car. It can only be the passenger. Use your mind wisely. Use it when it is needed – when you need to analyze and learn, it can help. But for things that are outside its realm, it is of no use. It can only follow and learn from what it discovers. And when you are trying to reach something that is beyond you, something that you do not know, you cannot use your logical mind. I do not have the answers as to what you can use, but I do know what you have to let go off to get there. Maybe that is all is needed. Maybe once you stop driving with your mind, life will become the driver. I would love to hear your thoughts, if you are trying to get past your limitations and looking to grow.


Natasha Dogre is based in Bangalore, India.

If you want to get in touch you can contact her at

Natasha loves traveling, yoga and reading. When Natasha is not seeing the world, she handles the PR for Prakruthi Club & Resort Bangalore


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