23 Aug – 22 Sept 


Element                       Earth 

Planet                          Mercury 

Ruling entity               The Virgin 

Colour                          Blue/Gray/Brown 

Stone/Gem                  Sardonyx 

Metal                            Mercury 

Nature                          Negative 

Lucky Day                    Wednesday 

Lucky Numbers           5 and 3 

Flowers                        Any that are small and colourful 

Herb                             Crosswort 


The sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is symbolised by the virgin. This is appropriate as it reflects their cool and disciplined outlook on life. Both rational and intelligent, they are rarely outwitted and convincing them they are not right could be difficult.

Their coolness and preciseness can mean they are rarely tolerant of others that lack of knowledge or common sense. As perfectionists this bears out their critical streak in others – as well as themselves when they are at fault. Finally as hardworking perfectionists, they are also shy in larger groups – so underestimate at your peril.


Personal traits

The sign of Virgo has a range of traits that befit ‘the virgin’. From a calm intensity of character through to their coolness and perfectionist attitude. Struck with intelligence however they can be damning of others that challenge their authority or attack their person

The planet Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini and both have the traits that show in different ways. Geminis convert into nervous energy, but Virgo’s hide theirs beneath their cool and calm exterior until resolved. The most dominant personality trait seems therefore to be perfection. With an analytical mind and intelligence, making everything perfect is what they do best and practical problems are there to be solved

Finally, as discussed their main weakness is that they tend to be critical of others and themselves. As a knock on effect Virgo’s can therefore also be worriers and hypochondriacs.




A little shy

Not spur of the moment


Personal relationships :

Both male and female Virgo’s come with a considerable amount of charm as well as their coolness. Intellectually strong and dominant, they can give off an air of confidence that is especially appealing to some. With a large affectionate gene Virgo’s make good spouses and parents.

However, rather than lovemaking and sex being spur of the moment or ‘off the cuff’ some may try to seek perfection in technique, rather than seeking expression of desire. So be warned if you are trying to make out with a partner that has a considerable sex drive and oodles of passion.

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