What is Wicca?

You will receive many varied answers to this question and they will all have elements of truth within these answers.

Many will say that Wicca predates history, and I suppose the idea behind Wicca and it’s philosophy does have it’s roots steeped in prehistory.

Wicca however as we know it was born, or reborn if you prefer in the early 20th century. There are several leading figures from the rebirth of Wicca, all of whom have taken Wicca forward to what we have today, these include but are not limited to:

Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders, Robert Cochrane, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Doreen Valiente and Sybil Leek.

Each one of the above named people have been leading lights in the progression and acceptance of Wicca, without these and other dedicated people Wicca would be in the shadows.


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